How long? 

According to the experts, Botox for cosmetic purposes usually lasts from about 4 to 6 months. But lots of things can cause that to differ. For example, how much was used, and where? And what do we mean by ‘last’ do we mean, how long are the effects visible? Because our faces are always changing! We will inevitably lose elasticity over time, and of course, wrinkles are inevitable. So the effect of botox may well change over time. 

Botox Resistance

According to medical studies, clinical resistance in a small number of patients has been known to happen. We asked Dr. Salman of Auralia Clinic if this was something he had to deal with. His advice was to ensure at least three months between appointments, to always use the lightest touch when being treated, (use the smallest dosage necessary to achieve the desired look). 

“If I find that I am treating a patient who is resistant to Botox, I use type B toxin (such as NeuroBloc) instead of the usual Botox.”

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